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The Help And Answers You Need After A Tragic Loss

There are not enough words in the English language to really express how traumatic it is to unexpectedly lose a loved one. Nobody is prepared when this happens. As a family member survivor who is considering a wrongful death claim, you likely have a lot of questions. Here are common questions clients ask and, hopefully, helpful answers. For answers to specific questions, call Lauren Levin Geary, Attorney at Law, at 215-656-4050. Consultations for wrongful death claims are free of charge.

Who has the authority to file a wrongful death claim in Pennsylvania?

There are several people who can file a claim after losing a loved one in Pennsylvania. These people include the representative of the estate, the spouse, the children and the parents of the deceased. If you are unsure if you qualify, speak with a personal injury attorney who handles wrongful death claims. Attorney Lauren Levin Geary will answer your questions about eligibility at no charge.

What kind of expenses and damages are included in a wrongful death claim?

As every case varies in the details, there can be different costs included in your claim. Generally speaking, the costs that are covered in these claims are funeral and burial costs, probate or estate administration expenses and any medical expenses resulting from the accident that resulted in the death of your loved one. If the person who died was the “breadwinner” or contributed to the household finances, then loss of household income will be pursued. For spouses and children, it is not uncommon to pursue loss of companionship as part of a claim.

Is there a deadline for filing a wrongful death claim?

Yes, there is. The Pennsylvania statute of limitations is two years from the date of the death. In some cases, it may be possible to extend this. One reason you want to act sooner rather than later is that evidence can be lost. It is crucial to your case to show a direct link between the incident and the tragic result. If you are concerned about meeting the deadline, send an inquiry email to Lauren, and she will be in touch promptly.


If the insurance company offers a settlement, should I accept it?

No. The reason is that insurance companies are concerned most about their bottom lines. This means that the amount they offer will not necessarily be in line with what a case is worth. In some cases, the amount may seem like a lot, but after expenses are paid, either there is nothing left over or some bills are still not paid. Insurance companies may extend a settlement offer after a car crash, for example. This is especially true of cases that involve a spine or brain injury. This is why it’s important to always consult with an attorney first. Lauren offers a free consultation so that you can better understand your rights and options.


If my loved one died outside of Pennsylvania, where do I file a wrongful death claim?

Speak with a personal injury attorney about the details. As each case is different, your options may vary. Lauren offers a free case analysis so that you can get the specific answers you need to move forward.


Can the death of an unborn child be the subject of a wrongful death lawsuit?

It is possible, but again, the answer will depend on the specific circumstances. Lauren can review the circumstances surrounding the death and determine the appropriate court for filing the claim. She offers compassionate, personal counsel for those who have suffered such a heartbreaking loss.


Let Lauren Levin Geary Answer Your Questions

Lauren has helped people obtain the financial resources the needed after fatal incidents. She will answer any questions about the process, what to expect or how she can be of assistance to you. Call her firm, Lauren Levin Geary, Attorney at Law, at 215-656-4050 and set up a time to talk. You can also connect via the online contact form. Lauren helps people and families throughout the greater Philadelphia area.