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FAQs About Property Owner Negligence

What is premises liability? This is a broad category related to accidents that occur on property owned by someone else – maybe a retailer, office building, construction site or a private residence. Claims arise when that property owner does not take reasonable steps to keep the property safe.

One type of premises liability claim, slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents, are some of the most common types of personal injuries. While too frequently trivialized, these accidents can lead to serious injuries that require a lengthy recovery process.

What To Consider Before Signing A Full Release?

A first issue that should raise red flags is a request to sign a full release of claims. It may come with a small financial settlement or promise from the property owner that they will cover your medical bills.

Signing a release is basically signing away your rights. If an injury is more serious than you anticipated or you are off work longer in a lengthy recovery, you may not have the resources to keep paying bills.

What Documentation Should You Keep?

These types of accidents can be more difficult to document. For example, there isn’t a police report that is often associated with a auto accident. When the only available documentation is prepared by the business or property owner, it can be one-sided.

For this reason, you should take detailed notes about what happened when the incident is fresh in your memory. If anyone else witnessed what happened, ask for their contact information. Then keep track of all medical records that show you sought immediate treatment and complied with all recommendations.

Why Hire An Attorney?

Depending on where the accident occurred – a private residence, retail store or government property – there are different types of insurance policies that might provide coverage. There may be multiple parties who are liable. In some cases, there are short deadlines that must be met to file a claim.

An experienced premises liability lawyer is able to explain your legal rights after hearing the details of your situation. In addition, an experienced attorney can offer candid advice and protect your interests against a more powerful insurance company or government agency.

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